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Interviews are hosted by Think Tech Hawai‘i: A platform for civic engagement and to raise public awareness about the importance of technology, energy, diversification, and globalism to the future of Hawai‘i.

Mondays at 1:00p.m. streaming live at thinktechhawaii.com and available on demand on the ThinkTech Hawaii YouTube channel.

Date Speaker Title and video link
2 0 1 5  
Aug. 3 Rhett Butler Highlighting HIGP [video link]
Aug. 17 Przemyslaw Dera Extreme Conditions Science [video link]
Aug. 24 Jeffrey Gillis-Davis Over the Moon [video link]
Aug. 31 Bruce Howe (Ocean and Resources Engineering) Submarine Cables [video link]
Sept. 7 Jeff Taylor Public Communication in Planetary Science [video link]
Sept. 14 Margo Edwards UARC (U.S. Navy–University Affiliated Reseach Center) is Alive and Well [video link]
Sept. 21 Barry Lienert Remote Sensing with HIGP [video link]
Sept. 28 Milton Garces Infrasound is Everywhere [video link]
Oct. 5 Shiv Sharma Applications of Laser Spectroscopy in Earth and Planetary Science [video link]
Oct. 12 Peter Mouginis-Mark Impact Craters and Volcanoes on Mars, and Latest News about Pluto and Ceres [video link]
Oct. 19 Emilio Herrero-Bervera Insights into Magmatic Processes [video link]
Oct. 26 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Planetary Science Research Discoveries [video link]
Nov. 2 Sarah Fagents When Magma Meets Water [video link]
Nov. 16 Mark Rognstad Sonar Mapping [video link]
Nov. 23 Fernando Martinez Tectonics Under the Sea [video link]
Dec. 14 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Aligning with the Planets–Planetary Science Research Discoveries [video link]
Dec. 21 Paul Lucey Hyperspectral Sensors and Research [video link]
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Jan. 18 Peter Mouginis-Mark Hawai‘i as a Planetary Volcano Analog [video link]
Feb. 1 James Foster Geodesy at HIGP [video link]
Feb. 8 James Potemra, Dale Partridge, and Brian Powell General Ocean Circulation and its Relationships [video link]
Feb. 15 Paul Wessel (Geology & Geophysics) Seamounts from Space [video link]
Feb. 22 Chris Peterson Join our Star Parties [video link]
March 14 Donald Thomas New Techniques for Looking Under the Ground - The Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes Goes Beneath the Surface [video link]
March 19 Peter Mouginis-Mark A ThinkTech Speakers' Corner Commentary on State Bills 1625 and 1700, which threaten the existence of Research at UH Mānoa [video link]
March 21 Margo Edwards (Interim Director of HIGP) and Darren Okimoto (Interim Associate Director of Sea Grant) Threats to Research in Hawai‘i [video link]
March 28 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Friends and Discoveries at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference [video link]
April 4 Patricia Fryer The Beauty of Subduction & Mariana Trench National Marine Monument [video link]
April 11 Jeffrey Gillis-Davis A New Moon Rises [video link]
April 18 Anupam Misra Raman Systems Laboratory at HIGP [video link]
April 25 Peter Mouginis-Mark Mapping Mars [video link]
May 2 Bin Chen The Core: Mineral Physics—Journey to the Center of the Earth [video link]
May 16 Richard Hey A Closer Look at Nascent Rifting— Oceanographic Expeditions in Iceland and North America [video link]
May 30 Andrea Gabrieli Measuring Volcanic Gases: Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometers [video link]
June 13 Rhett Butler Earthquakes in the Aleutians [video link]
June 20 Shiv Sharma Neat Things One Can Do With Lasers [video link]
June 24 Robert Jedicke (Institute for Astronomy) Collisions: Asteroid Impacts on Earth [video link]
June 27 Peter Mouginis-Mark Pluto, Comets, and Asteroids [video link]
July 6 Donald Thomas Advances in Hawai‘i's Renewable Energy Resources: Where Are We? [video link]
July 11 Aly El-Kadi (Geology & Geophysics) Hawai‘i's Water Resources — Drying Up? [video link]
July 18 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Value of Space Research to Earthlings [video link]
July 25 Sarah Fagents Making Common Sensors for Mars [video link]
Aug. 8 Eric Pilger Electronics Instrumentation [video link]
Aug. 29 Sam Murphy Volcanoes and Wildfires [video link]
Sept. 12 Przemyslaw Dera and Hannah Shelton Modern Alchemy: from Hades to Heaven with Mineral Physics [video link]
Sept. 19 Bin Chen and Xiaojing Lai Carbon in Earth's Deep Interior—Experimental Simulations of Planetary Interiors [video link]
Sept. 26 Andrea Gabrieli Vog: How Can We Measure the Hazardous Haze? [video link]
Oct. 3 Heather Kaluna Space Weathering [video link]
Oct. 17 Peter Mouginis-Mark Impact! Planetary Geology — New Discoveries in Space Exploration [video link]
Oct. 24 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Scientific Storytelling with NASA, HIGP, and PSRD [video link]
Oct. 31 Trevor Sorensen Space Mission Operations at UH [video link]
Nov. 7 Andrea Gabrieli Into the Heart of the Volcano [video link]
Nov. 14 Margo Edwards and UH Manoa undergraduate students studying global environmental science, Jay Chitnis and Nalu Ehman Using Space Station Data to Detect Illegal Fishing [video link]
Nov. 21 Amber Imai-Hong Launching Next Generation Careers to Space [video link]
Nov. 28 Jeffrey Gillis-Davis and Hope Ishii To Mercury and the Moon: Experimental Petrology and Space Weathering [video link]
Dec. 5 Mark Rognstad Getting Ready for RobotX—The Challenge is Coming to Hawai‘i—Maritime robotic competition for international university student teams [video link]
Dec. 6 Gerard Fryer (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center and HIGP Affiliate Faculty) Protecting the Pacific [video link]
Dec. 12 Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel Earth and Moon, Inseparable [video link ]
Dec. 14 Andrea Gabrieli Live Report from the 2016 American Geophysical Union Meeting in San Francisco [video link]
Dec. 19 Sarah Fagents Icy Volcanism on Jupiter's Moon, Europa [video link]
2 0 1 7  
Jan. 9 Nicole Lautze Groundwater and Geothermal Discoveries in Hawai‘i [video link]
Jan. 30 Gary Huss Early Solar System Chronology [video link]
Feb. 13 Peter Mouginis-Mark Hot Stuff! Jupiter's Moon, Io [video link]
Feb. 27 Patricia Fryer Mud Volcanoes from the Mantle: The Largest on Earth

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